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We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and subject to their audit process. Internally we are managed by a Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) who ensure that all regulatory matters are kept up to date and manage the conduct of the Consultants with admitting rights to 108 Harley Street. There are also regular multi-disciplinary team meetings that deal with both ongoing professional education and case management.

Please call 108 Harley Street on 0207 563 1234 and the office staff will help you arrange an appointment suitable to you.

Depending on the condition we may be able to provide a scan the same day in our X-Ray and imaging department.

If you require a specialised scan outside of 108 Harley Street we will arrange an appointment for you.

We understand how anxious and sometimes embarrassed you may feel about your appointment, but our fully trained staff  aim to make your visit as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Please do not hesitate to tell the Consultant or Clinic Nurse if you are overly concerned. They will be pleased to answer your questions and put your mind at rest.

We always strive hard to let you know the price of any procedure or investigations we undertake if you are self paying. If you are through the insurer, we provide with procedure code, so that you can organise prior approval. 


Initially you pay only for the Consultation and if you need any further tests, you will be informed of the charges. If there is a package available, the Consultant will advise you on the charges which will also include Consultation charges.

Mr Mahantesh Karoshi and Mr Vivek Nama are our Consultant Gynaecologists at the London Women's Health Clinic.

We have different well woman packages and you can select which package suits you the best. We could discuss a specific concern if necessary.


Yes, we will discuss the pros and cons of screening and offer the most appropriate tests tailored to your concern.


We perform most of our outpatient procedures under local anaesthesia, including hysteroscopy, polypectomy, bartholin’s cyst treatment, Colposcopy and Vulvoscopy.

108 Harley Street has partnership with TDL Labs that provide a comprehensive range of tests including the latest tests that are not available on the NHS.

Do not hesitate to call us on 0207 563 1234 and you will be directed to the most appropriate person to answer your enquiry.

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